(Gift) boxes

We supply (gift) boxes in all shapes and sizes customized forms.


Form options:

- folding cartons

- slip boxes

- pillow boxes

- cardboard box

- folding lid boxes

- sliding boxes

- round or square


Lock options:

- magnetic closure

- velcro closure

- silk ribbon


Surfaces options:

- overdrawn

- matt lamination

- glossy lamination

- UV-lacquered

- metallic hot foil embossing (silver/gold)

- relief embossing (inside/outside)

- advertising print with 1 to 4 colors


Further options:

- with subdivisions

- made of corrugated cardboard

- made of full carton

- 2 or 3 pieces

- with and without gap

- with insert (e.g. foam, plastic, cardboard)


We are always happy to make something special for our customers’ individual requests. Please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.

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